My Darkness – Love Quote

You are the light in my darkness,

But you are also the darkness

Within my light

– Kimberley Bargache 2021

WRITING PROMPT for the week

This years goal was to get out of my rut of being so introverted. the past few years I have turned into a hermit crab and haven’t really socialised. I really feel that I am not so much introverted, but more someone that needs to find friends with the same interest as me. So, I decided to fill in as much blank space in my calendar as I could with local group and meetings I could attend, Anything and everything to do with creative writing and art.

This years has begun fantastic, It’s only March and I have attended many group meetings already and have met some wonderful local artist and writers.

this weeks writers group had focused on historical fiction. which was great as I have never done any kind of historical fiction writing before, and the writing prompts were fantastic!

I am really enjoying it and I am so glad to finally get out of my rut and connect with wonderful people.

Writing Prompt for the week is…

Describe a house to keep us guessing right up to the end: what type it is, what era it’s from etc.

have fun and comment your writing prompts below…

Until next week, love and peace