My Darkness – Love Quote

You are the light in my darkness,

But you are also the darkness

Within my light

– Kimberley Bargache 2021


At times I hate myself for loving you

And at times I feel you don’t deserve my love

You don’t kiss me

Hug me or touch me

Unless you want sex

I know this all too well

I’ve lived it all too long

I tell myself I won’t give in next time

But I do each and every time

But what I haven’t told you

Its not because I actually want sex

It’s the connection I crave

The closeness I don’t get any other time

Don’t say its not true

Or that I’m exaggerating

You dam well know it

I don’t think I should have to ask you

To support me when you know I need it most

But I did

I opened up to you

Told you how much I needed you

Which was the hardest thing to do

And you know what?

I got absolutely nothing

Here’s Mr. ‘I’ll put my cuddle cape on’

And gave me not even one

You didn’t support me when I needed you most

You weren’t the partner you should have been

I know you are going through your shit right now too

But come on, its supposed to go both ways here

It’s not always about you

A Mad Mum – POEM

I really get annoyed when you call me a mad mum

When you really don’t know what kind of day I’ve had

I’m an organised person, Truly I am

But my mornings are a whirlwind, regardless how hard I prep

If we swapped positions for even just one day

The mad mum phrase wouldn’t come to play

I wake up with the best intentions

But my eyes are glued together

My youngest has had me up half the night

I make coffee and start on their breakfast

Its only 6am but there’s peace in the house

It’s the best time to get anything done

So away I go getting a head start on the day.

While getting myself together I take a look in the mirror

I swear there weren’t this many greys yesterday!

Lunches are done fresh

But the kids still aren’t dressed

I go into the lounge room & find them captivated by the TV

The clothes still sit there folded nice and neat

TV goes off buts there’s still a constant barking of orders

To try and get everyone ready in time for school

Kids fighting over anything and everything

The noise level has reached fever pitch

I can’t find that permission slip

I know I filled out yesterday!

Off to school we go, now fighting for a parking spot

At times I wish my kids were older enough to do

The drop and go, oh hell where do I go?!

After the morning rush

I race around putting on loads of washing,

Making beds and cleaning up while writing out a grocery list

Out I go

Facing the fast pace shoppers

Rushing around everywhere,

Thinking they’re the only ones that have a place to be

Or is that just me?

I try to buy the best for our bodies

Showing the kids, the healthiest way to live

But its hard doing it on a budget

Racing it home to beat the heat

Unpack and finish up with no time to spare

All of a sudden

It’s time for school pick up.

Drowning – Poem

I’ve been treading water for awhile now

but I’m starting to drown

don’t say you love anymore

if you honestly think you do indeed love me

maybe you need to look in the mirror and

ask yourself what you think love is

I’m sick of the excuses, apologies and

broken promises you dish out

I’m tired of making myself believe you will change

I’m tired of making myself believe you truly love me

I know better now

I was so busy being your anchor

I didn’t realise I was drowning