7x Mini LOVE Poems. Part 1

I am working on a poetry book titled ‘The Dark, The Light & The Shaded Parts Of Love. It is a long work in progress but I thought I would upload a few sections on it as I go. I will continue on to share some different parts with you all and what better than to begin with the part on ‘The Light Of Love.’

The-Printed-Voice.com | Kimberley Bargache

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them. Let me know what you think and what part you would like me to share with you next.

Here are seven quick ones to start you off.

The-Printed-Voice.com | Kimberley Bargache

You stand out in every way

Even when you think you don’t, you do

Like the moon in the day

The-Printed-Voice.com | Kimberley Bargache

I love you for simply being you, no other reason needed

So, there will never be a reason to leave you.

Be sure to save and share these poems wherever you like!

The-Printed-Voice.com | Kimberley Bargache

I need you like the ocean needs the moon

The-Printed-Voice.com | Kimberley Bargache

You make my heart melt

Like an ice cube in the sun

That’s how I know

You’re the one

The-Printed-Voice.com | Kimberley Bargache

A soulmate isn’t someone who makes us whole

Or will put together the broken pieces

They are simply here to love us just the way we are

To love the parts of us we don’t even love in ourself

They are here to teach us unconditional love for ourselves

The way we do it for them

Not to put us back together again

The-Printed-Voice.com | Kimberley Bargache

I don’t ever think of myself as pretty

Yet you always make me feel beautiful

The-Printed-Voice.com | Kimberley Bargache

I am grateful, I have a wonderful life

I have this man by my side

When doesn’t cheat, who doesn’t lie

Who knows just how to treat me right

I am grateful

I have what some can only dream of

I like to turn my poems and quotes into a JPEG so they can be easily saved and shared wherever you like!

Have fun sharing them and don’t forget to tag me in them so I can see that you have enjoyed it enough to want to share it in your world.

Love and light


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