Aussie Slang Print Series (mature audience only)

We Aussie’s are so creative with our words and sayings, that I went ahead and created a really FUN Aussie-Slang Line Of Prints to show off our humour…

I have created three new prints. The first one I want to share today with you is…. FUCK

Now the FUCK sayings are my absolute favourite, I throw at least a few around a day. Surely you’re the same?! 😂

(Purchase Info further down the page)

FUCK, The Aussie Slang Print – The Printed Voice

The second on the list is PISS

I hope the wording is as clear as the first one, but my PISS print words are a little smaller then the rest. seems to be the most versatile one of all of them, giving the most words used. I might need to edit the print down the track and get them all matching in size.

PISS, The Aussie Slang Print – The Printed Voice

The last but not least is SHIT. A very fun word to throw around at any given time I say.

SHIT, the Aussie Slang Print – The Printed Voice

All Prints are A3 in size, unless another size is requested.

$20 Each, which includes FREE postage Australia Wide

Copy Right Symbol removed on purchased print.

To secure a print for yourself. All you have to do is message me through my website or any of my social media pages to make an order using PayPal.

TPV.Kimberleybargache – Instagram

The Printed Voice – Facebook

Now, I know there will be plenty of sayings I have missed, So please comment any good ol’ ones you don’t see on here, or any words you would like to see added to this line of prints

Here, Frame is just for show

PISS, The Aussie Slang Print – The Printed Voice (frame just for show)

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