MY HERO – Short Poem

For some, the hero is

The guy dressed up fighting the villains & saving the world

Or that one big sports star who just scored the goal.

For me though, it’s the person saving the life of an animal

The one who helps a stranger to their car

The parent on a low income who still gets their child off to excursions

The person working two jobs just to pay for themselves through Uni

The one who works overtime instead of having a social life to make their dream come true

The person who breaks past addiction and is fighting for a new start

The person who struggles with an illness or disability, and still manages to see the good in life

Or The one who see’s past the disability & sees them for who they truly are

The single parent doing both a mother and fathers job

The parent who encourages their child in their dream,

no matter how crazy it might seem

My hero is the person who lives life for themselves and doesn’t let others bring them down

But most of all, My Heroes are the people who don’t judge but accept everyone for who they are

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