At times I hate myself for loving you

And at times I feel you don’t deserve my love

You don’t kiss me

Hug me or touch me

Unless you want sex

I know this all too well

I’ve lived it all too long

I tell myself I won’t give in next time

But I do each and every time

But what I haven’t told you

Its not because I actually want sex

It’s the connection I crave

The closeness I don’t get any other time

Don’t say its not true

Or that I’m exaggerating

You dam well know it

I don’t think I should have to ask you

To support me when you know I need it most

But I did

I opened up to you

Told you how much I needed you

Which was the hardest thing to do

And you know what?

I got absolutely nothing

Here’s Mr. ‘I’ll put my cuddle cape on’

And gave me not even one

You didn’t support me when I needed you most

You weren’t the partner you should have been

I know you are going through your shit right now too

But come on, its supposed to go both ways here

It’s not always about you

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