A Mad Mum – POEM

I really get annoyed when you call me a mad mum

When you really don’t know what kind of day I’ve had

I’m an organised person, Truly I am

But my mornings are a whirlwind, regardless how hard I prep

If we swapped positions for even just one day

The mad mum phrase wouldn’t come to play

I wake up with the best intentions

But my eyes are glued together

My youngest has had me up half the night

I make coffee and start on their breakfast

Its only 6am but there’s peace in the house

It’s the best time to get anything done

So away I go getting a head start on the day.

While getting myself together I take a look in the mirror

I swear there weren’t this many greys yesterday!

Lunches are done fresh

But the kids still aren’t dressed

I go into the lounge room & find them captivated by the TV

The clothes still sit there folded nice and neat

TV goes off buts there’s still a constant barking of orders

To try and get everyone ready in time for school

Kids fighting over anything and everything

The noise level has reached fever pitch

I can’t find that permission slip

I know I filled out yesterday!

Off to school we go, now fighting for a parking spot

At times I wish my kids were older enough to do

The drop and go, oh hell where do I go?!

After the morning rush

I race around putting on loads of washing,

Making beds and cleaning up while writing out a grocery list

Out I go

Facing the fast pace shoppers

Rushing around everywhere,

Thinking they’re the only ones that have a place to be

Or is that just me?

I try to buy the best for our bodies

Showing the kids, the healthiest way to live

But its hard doing it on a budget

Racing it home to beat the heat

Unpack and finish up with no time to spare

All of a sudden

It’s time for school pick up.

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