I’m Learning To Paint on top of my daily writing and drawing… Here’s my first colour painting…

I had the chance to spend a few fantastic hours with a friend of mine at an art workshop with a local Hervey Bay Artist teaching us to paint. Shelly is such an incredible artist and I am really looking forward to spending each Friday creating art pieces.

For my first piece, I chose to work on is a turtle, however it isn’t a Mary River Turtle. I decided on a sea turtle since the back ground inspiration came from the skirt I wore that day.

Now, I know it’s different from my usual black and white pieces, So, I am happy, nervous and excited to share my painting journey with you. Learning to paint and use colours, Wow… It’s scary taking on another path but I must say this path is so much fun already.

Here’s my first step into my first ever colour painting…

Excited to see how this one turns out as the weeks go by…

Also I found out that Shelly has painted a huge Mary River Turtle Mural in the local area (Maryborough), So I shared my story about the Mary River Turtles and the book I have just finished writing (and just so happened, I had it on me).

kimberleybargache #theprintedvoice

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